Online cricket betting

Online Cricket Betting

Throughout the world, cricket is ranked second in terms of popularity. In Pakistan, it is the main sport discipline. There are more than a billion people there.
Cricket is addicted in Pakistan, India, England. Cricket was invented by the British. Australians also prefer this sport. However, the Russians believe that this sport is an obscure exotic. It is like a little-known baseball. Cricket has its own rules. They must be studied before playing the game.

Playing on the territory of the field, full in shape of an ellipse. It has grass cover. In the place of the center, there is a zone, the length of which is twenty meters. They call her a pitch. Here you can see the location of the crises. They are similar to the base that is in the game of baseball. You can bet on cricket at PariMatch.

Best cricket betting site PariMatch

If you are looking for a quality site where you can bet on cricket, then you should pay attention to the PariMatch cricket betting site. A bookmaker of this type offers its players high-quality conditions for a comfortable game. The company offers the following advantages that allow them to be the best:

  1. Incredible cricket betting bonuses for both new and veteran players. For new players, the company offers a first deposit bonus. For everyone else, various cashbacks and other promotions that can warm up the excitement of any player.
  2. High odds on any sporting events. The company offers the best odds and low margins on most sporting events. They also include such an interesting sport as cricket.
  3. Convenient website and app. Thanks to this, you will be able to navigate the site of the bookmaker without any problems.
  4. The best lines and live bets on cricket. On the site you can bet on cricket online with a wide range of matches for every taste.

How to bet on cricket?

Cricket bets are characterized by volatility. This is their main feature. Russian bookmakers do not pay much attention to this sport. But, you need to find out what features bets in cricket have.

This is where sensationalism often occurs. Therefore, it is possible to use high odds in bets. In cricket, match-fixing is often organized. But, you can also encounter the actions of scammers.

Cricket, although very popular, is not common in betting. Experienced betters do not want to pay attention to a long fight. Because only Indians and Australians have a great interest in cricket. It is clear that bets are not made randomly.
You always need to remember about statistics and do a competent analysis. This will help you get a steady income.

Cricket betting options: how do they work?

  • Match betting is by far the most common form of cricket betting. The goal is to correctly determine which of the two teams will win an individual match, such as a One Day International (ODI) or a single game within a Series Challenge or Tournament. The odds are weighted such that the payout for the winning favorite will be less than equal money, while the underdog payout will be higher than 1-to-1. Please note that match betting markets are usually declared void if the official result is a draw. In addition, bets on such markets may be void if 20 overs have not been completed. Other names for match bets are “Match Odds” and “Win the Match”.
  • Draw. Most bookmakers allow you to bet on the possibility that test matches will end in a draw. This bet, also referred to as the No Draw Bet, can be used in conjunction with match betting as a form of hedge in case weather, slow play or other circumstances could cause a match to end without a winner being declared. In fact, some bookmakers have a bet known as “Double Chance” that allows you to bet on “win or draw”. It is also possible to bet against a draw by selecting “both sides” in “Double Chance”.
  • Series winner. In cricket, it is quite common for teams to play a series of three or five games rather than a single match. A good example of this is the Ashes, a five-game biennial series between England and Australia. The object of betting on the winner of the series is to choose the best of three or five games.
  • Outright Winner – This type of futures bet applies to tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, World Twenty20 or ICC Women’s World Cup. The goal is to select the team that will win the entire tournament, not just one match. With so many sides, picking a winner is not easy, which explains why the odds are significantly higher than match betting.

Cricket Betting Tips

  • Bet only on major tournaments such as the IPL (Indian Premier League). Lower ranked tournaments are less predictable than those played in the higher divisions.
  • Don’t risk a big balance. Play only with the money that you are ready to lose for the sake of an interesting pastime.
  • Bet only on the teams you know. If you bet on incomprehensible teams, then this may not end well.

It is these two cricket betting tips that will be the most important.

What to pay attention to

If you analyze the situation correctly, this will allow you to succeed at the time of betting. First of all, you need to study the main factors of teams.

  • Statistics of recent matches. Find out what statistics the latest matches have. With the help of this criterion, they understand what state and form the teams have now, what forecast they have in the future.
  • Head-to-head confrontations. You can determine the presence of some patterns after the last games. Some actions will be repeated again.
  • Weather. The influence of this criterion affects the duration of the matches. When it rains, the game will not take place. If it’s hot, then fatigue comes quickly. In some countries, sunset occurs earlier. Therefore, the duration of the match is stretched for some time. When an unforeseen increase in hours in a match is expected, one should study the opponents in relation to what results they managed to achieve at the moments of different situations.
  • Field. For the fields, completely different coatings are used. For example, Adelaide and Cape Town have rather slow pitches on pitches. This allows the batsmen to react at the right time. Therefore, they strike balls with greater accuracy. It must be remembered that great importance is given to the factor associated with the home field. From him, the owners feel great confidence. They will be supported in the stands.
  • The presence of motivation. This criterion should be given great importance. There are several situations where the favorite has a weak spot. In these cases, matches are merged when there is no point in achieving victory, given the tournament point of view. Outsiders, in turn, can start celebrating a victory when they are motivated to win.
  • Latest news in the media. You should start browsing foreign sites, use automatic translation inside your browser in order to have an idea about the latest events.

In order to perform a qualitative analysis of the complexity are absent.

cricket Parimatch

Betting Apps

With the PariMatch cricket betting app on your phone, you can bet on cricket exactly where you want. You can download the cricket betting app for Android on the official website of the bookmaker.


Cricket is a sport in which, when you think you know what is going to happen, often something completely different is happening.
That’s why it’s vital to have a general idea of ​​the series you’re betting on.
A batsman can make hundreds of runs at home, surrounded by familiar life, and then go across the globe and look like a beginner. Meanwhile, a bowler can enjoy excellent results on good bouncy pitches and then travel to the sub-continent and see the ball never bounce past the batsman’s knees and form suffer as a result.

This is what makes cricket an unpredictable sport loved by many different societies.