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Badminton is a game in which rackets hit a special dart over the net. This sport is based on the same principles as volleyball – when the shuttle lands in our half of the field, the opponent gets a point. In recent years, speed badminton, professionally known as crossminton, has become increasingly popular. The game uses special, very fast darts that can hit long distances.

Badminton is an unusual and interesting sport for betting. It is a dynamic sport, so during the match it is always exciting to follow the actions of the athletes. Due to the fact that this sport is not so popular for betting, bookmakers set high odds for it in the line. Therefore, you can make profitable bets on PariMatch badminton in pre-match and during the game.

Badminton – a brief history

In 1870, the first demonstration match took place, in which players hit a special shuttle with light rockets. It happened at the Duke of Beaufort’s estate called Badminton House. Hence the name of the discipline known at all latitudes. Live Badminton is an extremely popular sport in which we distinguish between singles and doubles, as well as mixes that have duos consisting of a player and a female player. A classic badminton match consists of sets played up to 21 points. Online badminton betting is quite popular among players.

Badminton betting – what are the rules?

Before placing a bet on badminton, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis. It is difficult to predict the victory of one participant in the tournament at the initial stages of the tournament due to the fact that a large number of athletes take part in the competition. For those who are not familiar with this sport, it will be difficult to predict who is the best to bet on. In this case, you should follow the badminton betting tips.

Before the match, it is important to study the statistics of games and the psychological state of the players. Badminton is very popular in Asia, so it makes sense to learn Chinese and Thai sources before betting. You need to be aware of the team’s events, you need to compare the form of the two opponents and study the statistics of face-to-face confrontations.

To play professional badminton, of course, you need a suitable field, known as a court. The rules of the game govern the size of the badminton court that a professional court must have.

The game is played on a rectangular-shaped court measuring 13.40 x 6.10 meters. Such a badminton field has so-called doubles corridors along the long sides. Singles matches are played on a court measuring 13.40 x 5.18 meters. The net is suspended in the middle of the court at a height of 1.55 meters. It is worth noting that, as in tennis, the height of the net in badminton is slightly lower (1.52 m) in the center of the court. Players use paddles to shoot a dart to the other side of the court.

At the beginning, a player or team is selected who will start the match with a serve. The object of the game is to hit the shuttle so that it hits the court of the opposite side. The game consists of sets played up to 21 points.

However, the winner must be two points behind the opponent to win the set. This rule is canceled in state 29-29. At this point, the player or team that wins the next point also wins the entire set. Two winning sets are required to win the match. The rules of live betting on badminton are largely based on the rules of tennis and volleyball.

Popular badminton tournaments to bet on

In Russia, badminton is often called a comet or simply darts. Interest in this discipline is constantly growing, so we can hope that Russia in badminton will gradually strengthen its position in the arena of international competitions.

Do you want to learn more about the rules of badminton and plunge into the world of this interesting sports discipline? The best solution is to watch professional tournaments. Usually there are 2 tournaments per month. The most prestigious competitions are held in England, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, France, Thailand, Germany, Denmark and the USA. Badminton World Championships are held annually.

Badminton in Pakistan

What are the most popular bets?

In the proposed line for this sport in the Parimatch office, there is such a choice of bets:

  • on the results of the game P1 and P2. There is no draw in this sport, in any case, either one player or his opponent wins;
  • handicap (by games or sets) — handicap for some game (game) most often in the live line;
  • per total (number of points in a match, personal total in a game or mate, double or odd total in a game or match);
  • on the exact score (often by sets, sometimes by games).

Additional types of bets: additional values ​​for handicaps or totals, bets on games, long-term bets on winners, etc.

An important point in betting on badminton is the temperature of the room. The speed of the shuttlecock depends on the temperature, +15/18 degrees is considered the norm.

In live betting on badminton, in many cases there is a principle of such bets on the counter move, when the largest deviation from the pre-match odds occurs. For example, it is possible to bet on someone winning or on TV when the outsider of the game wins the score. Of course, it would be nice to watch the game itself at this moment in order to find out for sure whether there are injuries or other factors interfering with the favorite.

You can also bet on the athlete who won the first set. In 75% of cases, the winner of the first set becomes the winner of the meeting.

Badminton is a great sport to earn money. Many bookmakers, including PariMatch, cover all badminton tournaments. Also, the number of tournaments is growing every year, which increases the possibility of profit from betting on them. Such an unpromoted sport can bring a good income, so it is recommended to try to get to know badminton bets better.

Badminton betting promotions

After registration, bettors are given seven days to replenish their account from $10. The amount of promotional funds is equal to 100% of the capital of the initial deposit. Within 72 hours after the replenishment, additional money will come. The maximum possible amount depends on the country in which the game account is registered, but it is always equivalent to $50. Badminton betting bonuses can only be used in the sports betting category. Cybersport doesn’t count. The wagering requirements are different:

  • betters from Russia need to scroll the bonus 20 times with odds. not lower than 1.70;
  • all other bettors should also focus on a coefficient of at least 1.70, but you need to scroll the bet only 10 times.

The badminton betting site Parimatch offers favorable conditions for Betters.

Badminton betting strategy

A large bookmaker accepts bets on such results as:

  • winner of a set or match;
  • accurate score;
  • total set or match total;
  • handicap in a set or match;
  • even or odd scores.

The rules for accepting and calculating bets must be studied in advance. The total and the handicap are calculated according to the points actually scored. If one of the opponents cannot continue the game, bets placed only on those games that have been played in full are calculated.


The main advantages of Pari Match include:

  • a wide range of sports events and disciplines available for betting;
  • simple registration;
  • the ability to download and use the official badminton betting application;
  • fast deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • the possibility of obtaining additional income through participation in promotions, as well as an affiliate program from the bookmaker.

The official website of Pari Match provides players with free access to betting on badminton, which is explained by its legal status, which makes it impossible to be blocked by various state regulatory authorities.